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Setting up the Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks is not that challenging as you can do it easily by following this blog. If you do not want to set up the inventory on your own, then you can reach out to the experts of quickbooks customer care number that is available at hours to help you in resolving the issue. However, before you set up the inventory, you need to turn on the Advanced Inventory so that you can track the inventories that are stored in different location and sites.

Steps to Set Up Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks

Set up the inventory sites
First, you need to track your inventory that is present on different location and is called sites. These sites can be warehouses along with different addresses, staging areas, trucks and other location.
 Click on the List > Inventory Site List
 Now you have to select the site button and then hit on New.
 Here you have to enter all the appropriate information.
Convert your previous method of tracking inventory sites
You can use a different method for tracking the multiple inventory sites. If you have multiple inventory sites, then make sure that the inventory numbers are correct so that you can easily use Advanced Inventory.
Set the reorder points for each site
You have the option to track the site-specific reorder point for each with Advanced Inventory. You need to set up the global reorder point for each item:
 Click on List > Inventory Site List > Activities > Set Reorder Point
 Choose the site for which you want to set up the reorder point.
 Enter the reorder point for each item in the column of Set Reorder Point and then click OK.
Transfer opening quantities of the items to each site
You can enter new transfer for each site:
 Click on Inventory > Transfer Inventory
 Enter the date of transfer in the Date field and according enter the reference number.
 Select temporary inventory site from the drop-down menu of Transfer From
 Add the actual inventory site in the drop-down of ‘To’ menu.
 Now select the inventory item to be transferred to the site and add Qty to Transfer and then Save it.
 Repeat this step for each inventory sites.
If you have any doubt while executing these steps, then you need to reach out to the professionals by calling quickbooks customer service number. This number is available at all hours to helps users to fix the error faced by them

Source URL: How to Set Up Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks
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