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One of the toughest decision that a person has to make is when one is thinking to buy a home. It can be quite stressful, particularly for first time home buyers who have no idea on how to manage the steps needed in purchasing a house. The real problem comes when the homebuyers have to rely on homebuyer assistance programs and choose the best loan option according to their financial position.

The five aspects of every home loan are credit score, debt to income ratio, monthly salary, amount of down payment and interest rates. The lenders ask for certain requirements such as credit scores to reduce the risk if the homebuyer defaults on the loan. Interest rates are a key factor once the hurdle of credit score is passed. The interest amount is extra money, which is due on loan, and it is also known as the mortgage rate. The first time homebuyers look for low interest rates in Houston as they have a moderate income, and it becomes easier for them to not only pay the monthly mortgage payment but also manage their household expenses.

The interest rate is calculated as the percentage amount of principal that is loaned, and the economic conditions in the market also play a part in the determination of the interest rate. There are two types of loans that homebuyers can obtain, which are fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage.

The interest rate of a fixed mortgage does not change for the life of the loan while the interest rate keeps on changing in the adjustable mortgage rate.

The first time homebuyers have two main home loan option, which are conventional loans and government backed loans. The banks offer low interest rates only to those homebuyers who have a good credit score and can make a large down payment. The best loans that offer that low-interest rates in Houston are government assisted loans, which includes the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veteran Affairs (VA) loans. The government loans are backed by the government and provides equal opportunity to every potential homebuyer who fulfil the loan guidelines. The FHA and VA loans are very popular as a person can become a homeowner even with poor or bad credit score, pay a low down payment and interest rates as compared to conventional loans.

The interest rates of FHA and VA loans differ according to the loan term, which can be 10 years,
15 years or 30 years. The current that low-interest rates in Houston for FHA loans and VA loans are

• For FHA loans; the 15-year fixed rate is 2.63% while the 30-year fixed rate is 3.81%

• For VA loans; the 15-year fixed rate is 3.39% while the 30-year fixed rate is 3.57%
Roadrunner Customer Service

Roadrunner email service is hosted by Time Warner Cable, which is a television company. You can easily set up your email account provided you have the availability of proper Wi-Fi connection. There are different email options available, and many people look for the ways of configuring one email account into another. It gives easy access to them, as they can view their emails from different accounts in one platform. If you have a Gmail and a Roadrunner email account simultaneously, you can easily set up the previous one to the later one. To understand how it is done, keep on reading this blog till the end. You may also contact Roadrunner email customer care in terms of any expert advice.

Here is the procedure by which you can set up the account to receive your messages in the Roadrunner mail box. Make sure that you perform each step one by one so that you don’t miss out on anything.

How to setup Gmail account to Roadrunner?

• Open and login to the email ID via your login credentials, provided you are not signed in.
• Now click on the Settings icon at the top right corner.
• You can now view a list of options available. From that, click on ‘Accounts.’
• Select ‘Add a mail account.’
• Once done, type your authentic Gmail address and then click on Next.
• Now choose the option of ‘ Import emails from my other account’(POP3).
• Again write your email address in the username field.
• Type your Gmail password.
• Tickmark the boxes shown below.
• Then click on Add account.
• In the POP server, type and for port mark the digits as 110.
• Again click on Add account and save the changes done.

Once you have configured the email account, you can now easily view your Gmail emails in the Roadrunner mail box. Once you are initiating the process, you could be having doubts about the server and the port settings. It is advised that you consult the experts on this matter. Otherwise, you won't be able to configure the account properly. Dial Roadrunner helpline number for the same. The number remains in service 24*7, and the technicians are available for your help throughout. Do not forget to import your emails from one account to another and ensure to add you're proper login credentials to hasten the process.

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Accounting, or more specifically, efficient accounting, is always a top priority for many businesses. Whether you own a small business that is just starting out or if you own an established company, it is important to keep track of your accounts so that you can make informed decisions. Reckon is a software company that is based in Australia and specializes in developing state-of-the-art accounting software. Reckon is designed to give businesses the tools they need to streamline their finances and track their business transactions. The efficient thing about Reckon is that the software uses cloud-based technology to allow small or medium businesses to complete their accounting tasks online.


Apart from the remarkable accounting solutions on Reckon, users get to enjoy stress-free accounting thanks to the top quality Reckon Tech Support   available. Since no software can be 100% error-free, at some point or the other users are bound to encounter certain technical glitches that make it difficult to use Reckon. This article will give you a general idea about the different issues you might face on Reckon.


Reasons to contact Reckon Customer Support


With a view to improving the user’s experience, the Reckon accounting software is regularly updated to add new features and to fix bugs in the older versions of the software. However, in spite of the improvements, sometimes you may encounter issues that cause glitches in the software. Here’s a brief look at some common issues related to Reckon accounting software:


  • You may face errors while loading accounts that are hosted online.

  • Users are sometimes unable to renew their Reckon subscription.

  • Reckon software update could not be downloaded or installed.

  • There may be an error related to banking transactions on Reckon.

  • Unable to print Reckon accounting reports from the computer3

  • You will sometimes find it difficult to log in to your Reckon account.

  • Single Touch Payroll feature does not work on Reckon.

  • Data error or data corruption related to Reckon accounting entries

  • Compatibility problems between Reckon and a third-party software

  • Installation error which causes Reckon too crash or suddenly stop working


The software errors mentioned above are normally caused by a combination of factors. The most frustrating part about Reckon accounting errors is that even a minor software issue could halt your work and affect your productivity.


Contact Reckon Customer Support


As mentioned earlier, Reckon is not among the top accounting solutions available in the market only because of its feature but also because of the customer service. Here’s are some benefits contacting  Reckon Customer Support Number  :


  • Software experts and Reckon technicians are available 24 hours day

  • Detailed solutions and step-by-step guided to all Reckon software errors

  • Reckon users will get easy to implement solutions for all technical issues

  • Experts will give you helpful tips to make the most of your Reckon software

  • 100% customer satisfaction whenever you call the Reckon customer support number.


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quickbooks support - QuickBooks has been using widely by the global users and provides them a greater satisfaction to perform their activities related to the accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll. This software can help you easily to process the complex exercises of accounting and other business administration requirements. This blog is meant to solve an issue related to QuickBooks known as QuickBooks update error 1328. You need to update the software in regular interval to make it up to date. But that error doesn’t allow you to do that. So you can contact at quickbooks customer support to get the easy solution by the expert community. However, this blog will also be able to fix your issue.

Reasons behind the error 1328:
You should look for these reasons that may cause the issue. so you need to figure out with these points:
• Corrupted software files may create an error.
• Network error while downloading may be another reason.
• System or windows malfunction.
• Inaccurate or failed installation.
• Virus or malware attack.
Easy methods to fix the solution:
These are some proven solutions that will be solving your issues easily, and it is important of you to get them in the right direction to fix your software so without wasting time further check out these methods:

1. Locate the config msi file:
• Go to the start windows and explore c-drive.
• Then right-click on it and choose ‘show hidden files and folders.’
• Then click on OK and apply.
• Again you need to click on ‘tools’ and ‘folder’ options.
• Select the view tab and unmark hide protected system files box.
• Click ok and apply.
• Then you need to change the config msi file name.
• So navigate that file and right-click on it to do so.
• Add old at the end of the new file name.

2. Using a registry repair tool:
• Go to the taskbar and find any installed malware removal tool there.
• Once you find it click on it to open it.
• And then apply a complete scan to remove viruses.
• You also need to remove outdated PC drivers.
• You can also re-install the QuickBooks software.
• Then run the windows file checker to remove any corrupted files.
• You should also look for windows update if you find any.

3. Repair QuickBooks installation:
• Log in to your windows account.
• Go to control panel and navigate features section.
• Find the QuickBooks software there and click to uninstall/change button.
• Then choose the repair option when it appears.
• Then you need to run QuickBooks and apply the patch after it completes.

These methods will be able to fix the issue easily, and you can remove the error. in any case, if you don’t find the right direction to solve it then contact at quickbooks support number and get the prominent solution with easy fixes.

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