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How to Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop

Dell Technical Support Number

Dell laptops are one of the most advanced and sophisticated devices for performing the tasks of complicated assignment easily and quickly. There are a lot of models for you to choose as per your preferences. However, you may get some tricky situations while using Dell laptops. So you require having the Dell customer care phone number in any such situations when you are not allowed to use your laptop with its full capacity. This blog will help you to know more about error 2000-0146 with the reasons and solutions. You can get the easy steps to fix the issue in this blog.

The reason behind the error 2000-0146

There can be such situations when you get that issue, so you need to figure that out in a way to find the solution:

  • When a sudden shut down happens due to a power cut in the absence of UPS, laptops or computers, have to stop their process suddenly and thus get the issue.

  • When you overcharge your computer or laptop and don’t disconnect it from the power supply even after a long time of charging, you may find the problematic situation.

  • Inaccurate earthing may be the other reason behind the issue.


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How to fix the error 2000-0146:

You have found out that issue is not more critical and happens due to some of the typical situation and ignorance. Now you can get the solution easily with these steps:

  • You should start fixing the solution by looking for a change in BIOS settings of your computer or laptop.

  • You need to go to the BIOS setting and review the HDD of your system.

  • While reviewing if you find that HDD is altered to AHCI SATA then you should try to change it to SATA drive.

  • Now you should save the settings and restart your computer to fix the issues.

Precautions before applying the solutions:

  • Before going for the solution and trying to apply changes you should keep backup of your HDD data because you may get some corruption in the files and viruses as well.

  • You should opt for safe mode before trying to boot the drive in safe mode and then proceed with transferring data. You can turn to safe mode by pressing F8 multiple times.

  • You can only proceed with the solution if you spin up and maintain normal operations.

  • You should opt for another HDD if the solution steps don’t work.

In case if you are not getting the right direction for the solution, then you should contact at 800 number for dell support and get the prominent solution by Dell experts. You will be getting proper guidance and all the solutions easily and quickly.

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